The Perfect Website Proposal - Higher Prices Without More Work
Join me for my ON-DEMAND Training:
How to Create and Close a $22,850 Website Proposal
In this ON-DEMAND training, you’ll learn:
  • How to set prices for website builds, including planning, content, testing, launch, and change orders.
  • How to set prices for your client's marketing strategy including FB Ads, SEO, email, social media and more. 
  •  How to start billing for all time spent on your client's web hosting, website maintenance, and support. 
  •  How to position and frame your proposals so clients are willing to pay you $10,000+ for the SAME scope of work.
BONUS: Stay until the end to get my website proposal template and pricing blueprint.
Brent Weaver

I've pitched 1,000's of website proposals, worked with hundreds of clients, generated over $10MM in revenue, and hired dozens of employees and contractors. Join my webinar to learn how to grow your company's lead generation.
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